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Altima Adhesives

Altima Adhesives. Look for Integra’s premium pre-colored seaming adhesives sold as Surface Bonder Zero, Surface Bonder Xi and Surface Bonder Ultra. Offered in a broader color range! Same pre-colored seaming and assembly adhesives for Quartz, Natural Stone, Sintered materials, Solid Surface and more. Same premium formula.

Flex Color Charts – Altima Adhesives

Altima Adhesives is now Integra Adhesives in the full line of colors you rely on, and more. View the Integra Color Charts INTEGRA ADHESIVES. Intl. Phone: +1 (604) 850-1321 Intl. Fax: +1 (604) 850-1354 North America Toll Free: (888) 862-6665 …

Seaming Adhesive – Altima Adhesives

Altima Seaming Adhesive, an Integra brand, is now available as Integra Surface Bonder XI. Available in more than 300 pre-mixed colors developed for modern demanding fabrication methods such as laminating, mitering, v-grooving, integral mounted sinks and bowls, and applications subject to …

Altima+ Stone Adhesive – Altima Adhesives

Altima+ Stone Adhesive – Altima Adhesives. Altima+ Stone Adhesive, an Integra brand, is now available as Integra Surface Bonder Zero. Same non-sagging adhesive you rely on. Specifically designed for Quartz, Compact Sintered Materials and Natural Stone products. Ideal for mitered edges, Surface Bonder Zero stays right where you put it.

FAQ – Altima Adhesives

Altima Adhesives was an Integra brand made exclusively for GranQuartz USA in using the same exact formulas as Integra Surface Bonders in all the same colors. Gran Quartz USA will no longer be carrying the Altima Adhesives line but you can still get the premium quality you rely on with Surface Bonder XI self-coated seaming adhesive, Surface …

Integra Colored Cartridge Adhesives (Formerly Altima …

Integra Adhesives, maker of Altima Adhesives, is eliminating the brand. With this change, Altima Adhesives will no longer be available at GranQuartz USA. But Integra Adhesives brand for seaming and assembly of quartz, natural stone, solid surface and more is now available at BB Industries.

Integra Adhesives Retires Altima – Slab and Sheet

20/02/2020 · Integra Adhesives Retires Altima. Feb 20, 2020 | Company Insider, Products, Stone Update. With this change, Altima Adhesives will no longer be available at GranQuartz USA. However, all of the former Altima products are available under the Integra Adhesives brand.

Flex Color Charts | Integra Adhesives

Terms could be sheet name/code, brand name, adhesive name, or adhesive code. example: With the Corian chart open you could search for ‘White Chocolate’ and see all the places Integra’s adhesive color ‘White Chocolate’ appears. Add to Custom Chart. To create a custom chart, click on the + sign beside each sheet name. …

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Integra Adhesives, a brand of IPS Adhesives, were created by surfacing professionals looking for better solutions to countertop assembly. After more than 15 years, Integra products are at the forefront of the industry with a range of solutions developed specifically for countertops. We relentlessly pursue new, innovative formulations that …

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Order Line Intl. Phone: +1 (919) 598 2400 Intl. Fax: +1 (919) 598 2439 North America Toll Free: (888) 862-6665

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