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Anesthesia lenses With vast experience in the international optical market, Anesthesia combines solid professionalism with a passion for everything that expresses beauty, charm and elegance. Anesthesia offers you contact lenses online, which are made with natural design and amazing shades capable of transforming even the darkest eyes into light sea tones.

Anesthesia USA

choose Collections. Anesthesia USA. Addict. Anesthetic. Anesthesia Dream. Celebrity. Once. Color Group. Types.

Contact Lenses – Anesthesia lenses

Lenses. Collections. Anesthesia USA. Addict. anesthetic. anesthesia dream. Celebrity. Once. Anesthesia USA.

The beautiful Anesthesia USA lens collection is here!

05/07/2016 · How long can Anesthesia lenses be worn? 3 or 6 months? Anesthesia USA lenses can be used daily for up to 6 months. Always maintain perfect hygiene and good care when handling your lenses. Are Anesthesia lenses FDA approved? Yes, Anesthesia lenses are fully FDA and CE approved in USA and in Europe. What if I can’t find my prescription (rx) power?

Anesthesia USA Collection –

Anesthesia USA lenses are a 6-month lens suitable for daily wear. They have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.20mm. All Anesthesia USA lenses are both CE and FDA approved.

Chicago Blonde – Anesthesia lenses

Anesthesia USA. Chicago Blonde. $53.00. A sweet blend of Olive, Yellow and Honey with a magnifying pattern and a slight contrast ring for a perfect blonde look. Power.

Anesthesia Lenses – Dream | Anesthetic | Addict | USA

Anesthesia lenses are cosmetic lenses which can enhance or completely transform your eye color. They have 5 main collections: Anesthesia Addict, Anesthesia USA, Anesthesia Anesthetic, Anesthesia Dream and the latest collection, Anesthesia Once.

Anesthesia Lenses | USA, Addict, Anesthetic, Dream …

Anesthesia are brand new ultra natural and comfortable colored lenses. Anesthesia contacts are made with unique Arc Edge, Heimagel and Pigment Sandwich Technologies, they give very natural look and comfort without any dryness. Your eyes micro-circulation and natural tear are haven’t blocked, so

Anesthesia USA Lenses – Lens Republica | Solotica Official …

Anesthesia USA Vegas Gray (6 months wear) No reviews. Anesthesia $60.00 USD. Anesthesia USA L.A. Cinnamon (6 months wear) Anesthesia USA L.A. Cinnamon (6 months wear) No reviews. Anesthesia $60.00 USD. Anesthesia USA Chicago Blonde (6 months …

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