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The Divi Contact Form Module | Elegant Themes Documentation


02/05/2017 · Locate the contact form module within the list of modules and click it to add it to your page. The module list is searchable, which means you can also type the word “contact form” and then click enter to automatically find and add the contact form module! Once the module has been added, you will be greeted with the module’s list of options.

State and Country Fields – Create Forms with an Address …


02/05/2020 · You can enable multi-select when you want your users to have the option of selecting more than one state. Country Field – Divi Contact Extended. Like the state field, you can enable multi-select in the country field. If you add both the state and country fields, the state/province options will dynamically show based a user’s country selection. You can also set a default country.

Divi Contact Form with Countries Dropdown – Divi Developer …


06/11/2017 · This code should go into Divi–>Theme Options–>Custom CSS.et_pb_contact .et_pb_contact_field_half {float: left; width: 50%; background: #002672 !important; /*chnage hex if you need to*/}.et_pb_contact_field textarea.et_pb_contact_message {display: block; min-height: 150px; background: #002672 !important; /*chnage hex if you need to*/} Reply

Divi Feature Update! The New Contact Form Module With More …


07/06/2017 · Today we are announcing a huge update to the Divi contact form module, including new field types, more customization options, field validation and conditional logic. Today is a big day for the Divi contact form module! This new update takes what was a simple form builder and transforms it into something much more advanced and full of possibilities.

How To Add A Date and Time Picker To The Divi Contact Form …


21/09/2019 · In a Divi contact form of your choice, click to edit the settings. Click on the “Add New Field” plus icon. The Field Settings will open with an input field for Field ID as well as Title. You can write something like “Choose a Date and Time” in the title field, that isn’t important. The most important part is the Field ID. Add the following CSS class there and save the form.

Divi Form Styler – Divi Plus


Last Form Module For Divi, You’ll Ever Need! Make the most out of your contact forms by styling their elements such as input fields, background, buttons and more with Divi Plus Form Styler module. So, users fill up their details with interest, and smiling.

7 Tips For Better Divi Forms in WordPress – DiviMundo


22/03/2019 · 7. Create beautiful and user-friendly forms with Divi. Last but not least: the greatest advantage with the built-in Divi form module is that you can quickly and easily create really stylish and user-friendly forms – by just using the user-friendly Divi Builder. Sync the design with the rest of …

Divi Form Styler – Divi Plus


Caldera Form Styler for Divi. Using this module, you’re not only able to customize forms created using Contact Form 7. But it will also provide you with the option to change the look & feel of Caldera Forms, just as easily as inserting a module.

Country State City Dropdown CF7 – WordPress plugin …


Country dropdown for contact form 7 with dynamic states and cities. Country State City Dropdown CF7 plugin is an add-on of Contact Form 7 plugin to show country, state and city dropdown. This plugin add three new form tag fields that is (form-tag: country drop-down) and (form-tag: state dropdown) and (form-tag: city dropdown) in Contact form 7.

Divi Theme Contact Form With File Upload Button Using …


30/12/2020 · Divi Theme Contact Form With File Upload Button Using Caldera Forms. Welcome to another Divi video this is Jamie from system 22 and web-design-and-tech-tips.com – Well today we’re going to put this little contact form here that has a file upload button. Divi’s got a great little contact form builder, but it does actually not have a file upload button option.

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