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Extreme H2O – Comfortable Contact Lenses


Extreme H2O – Comfortable Contact Lenses.

Extreme H20 | Clerio Vision


Extreme H2O contact lenses are made with group 2, ultra hydrating non-ionic materials. These materials are unique in that they have outstanding hydration and water retention characteristics which contribute to unsurpassed all-day comfort, clarity and dry eye relief.

Extreme H2O Daily | ABB Optical Group


Extreme H2O Daily is the only one-day disposable lens available in three diameters – 13.6, 14.2, 14.8. This enables you to successfully fit your small, standard and large diameter patients, providing them with a better fit and a more comfortable wearing experience. Product Benefits

Extreme H2O Contact Lenses | All-Day Comfort | Eyeconic


Made with ultra-hydrating, non-ionic materials, Extreme H2O ® contact lenses deliver unsurpassed all-day comfort, clarity, and dry-eye relief. If you are currently wearing traditional disposable lenses or have had adaptation issues with silicone hydrogels, you should try: Extreme H2O Weekly, Extreme H2O Monthly, Extreme H2O 54, Extreme H2O 54 Toric, or Extreme H2O 59 lenses.

Extreme H2O 59 Xtra | ABB Optical Group


Extreme H2O 59 Xtra is a problem solver for patients who experience significant dryness and discomfort, and need “Xtra” durability and handling benefits provided by a slightly thicker lens design. Extreme H2O 59 Xtra retains 99% of its water content on the eye, even under extreme conditions.

Extreme H2O Contacts Online – Lens.com


Extreme H2O 59% lenses are specifically designed for patients who suffer problems related to lens dryness. They retain 99% of their moisture even under extreme conditions. Extreme H2O 59% are available in either Extreme H2O 59% Thin or Extreme H2O …

Extreme H2O Monthly Contacts – Lens.com


If dry eyes related to wearing contact lenses is a problem for you, Extreme H2O Monthly contacts by X-Cel may be the perfect solution. Convenience is another benefit of Extreme H2O monthly contacts. Packaged for either a semi-annual or annual supply, Extreme H2O contacts are designed to make the process of buying and replacing your contacts …

TORIColors | ABB Optical Group


TORIColors is powered by Extreme H2O© and made with a patented GMA/hydrogel copolymer that has advanced hydration properties. This enables the lens to retain 97% of its moisture – even under extreme conditions. Lens comfort, movement and fit are stable throughout the entire day. Product Benefits. Innovative color technology provides maximum coverage

H2O CONTACT LENSES – hydrogelvision.com


Extreme H 2 O 59% Thin is for your dry eye patients who need the added oxygen transmission provided by a thin lens design. Extreme H 2 O 59% Xtra is for your dry eye patients who need the “Xtra” durability of a slighter thicker lens design. Extreme H 2 O 54%. First Choice In Comfort.

Extreme H2O 59% Xtra Contacts – Lens.com


Extreme H2O 59% is available in powers from +6.00 to -12.00, so the majority of lens wearers will find their prescription. With Extreme H2O 59% Xtra, you won’t have to be among those who experience dryness with contact lenses. For the best value you can find online or in stores for these contacts, look no further Lens.com.

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