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Coverage Rate: Correctly applied, 1 gallon (3.8 L) of bonding adhesive will cover approximately 60 – 70 sq ft (5.6 m2 – 6.5 m2) of finished surface. Description GenFlex TPO Bonding Adhesive is used to adhere GenFlex TPO membrane to various approved substrates …

PDS 808 TPO Bonding Adhesive – GenFlex

GenFlex EZ TPO Bonding Adhesive is a solvent based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding GenFlex EZ TPO membranes to approved insulations in addition to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates. NOTE: Not for use in adhering EZ TPO Fleece Backed membranes.

EZ TPO Bonding Adhesive LVOC – GenFlex

05/11/2014 · GenFlex EZ TPO Bonding Adhesive LVOC is a solvent based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding GenFlex TPO membranes and flashings to approved substrates such as insulations, wood, metal, concrete and other acceptable substrates. Typical Properties Property Typical Values Base Polychloroprene Rubber Color Yellow

EZ TPO FB Bonding Adhesive (LVOC) – GenFlex

GenFlex™ FB Bonding Adhesive is designed specifically for bonding GenFlex Fleece Backed TPO membrane to various insulation surfaces, specific existing roof surfaces and approved substrates as specified in current GenFlex Technical Specifications. FB Bonding Adhesive may also be used for bonding standard GenFlex EZ TPO membrane to approved substrates in both

Product Data Sheets – GenFlex | GenFlex

Universal Adhesives & Sealants (for EPDM & TPO systems) All Purpose Bonding Adhesive Product Data Sheet. All Purpose LVOC Cleaner Data Sheet. All Purpose LVOC Primer Product Data Sheet . All Purpose Water Based Bonding Adhesive Product Data Sheet. Cleaner Product Data Sheet. GenFlex ISO Bond Insulation Adhesive Product Data Sheet. One Step Insulation Adhesive Product Data Sheet

Warranty Information – GenFlex | GenFlex

Unless it’s built on the strength of a company with a long tradition of standing behind its products, and supporting its customers. GenFlex Roofing Systems offers a number of levels of warranty coverage to fit your project needs. From material only coverage to full system protection, you can rely on us!


EZ TPO BONDING ADHESIVE LVOC 250 West 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260 800-443-4272 | PDS # 828b 04/ 10/2014 Application Precautions 100% adhesive coverage on both the membrane and substrate is required. Do not apply bonding adhesive to seam areas. Avoid globs or puddles of adhesive. Product Data SIZE CONTENTS PRODUCT #

12071202 GenFlex-Firestone EZ TPO Recover

Membrane: GenFlex EZ Fleece Backed TPO (45mil) or GenFlex EZ Fleece Backed TPO (60mil) adhered with XR Stick Membrane Adhesive applied in continuous 1” minimum beads spaced a maximum of 4” o.c. and allowed to expand to full coverage application prior to placement of the roof cover. The 2” wide roof

Total Support Warranties and Code Requirements

of products and systems, including GenFlex Peel & Stick™ TPO. Introduced in 2003, these revolutionary membranes and accessories have pre-applied adhesive and tape, making installation faster, easier, safer and smarter. GenFlex TPO membrane also meets all the requirements of the TPO ASTM Standard D6878-03. Features and Benefits Polyester …

XR Bonding Adhesive Product Data –

• Vertical application of UltraPly TPO membrane – XR Bonding Adhesive applied to both the vertical substrate and the membrane. A coverage rate of 40-60 ft²/gal (0.982-1.475 m²/L) may be obtained depending on the substrate. • Very porous substrates (rough wood, concrete block) may require two coats of XR Bonding Adhesive to ensure proper

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