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GPLI Toric and Spherical Lens Calculator – GPLI

GPLI Toric and Spherical Lens Calculator. This calculator combines a spherical GP lens design nomogram developed by Dr. Ed Bennett with a GP toric lens calculator developed by Dr. Tom Quinn. This combined calculator was made possible via the assistance of Dr. Todd Zarwell of This is a dynamic empirical method of determining GP …

Professional Fee Calculator – GPLI

Professional Fee Calculator. To help you create a fee structure that appropriately compensates you for your professional time and lens costs when prescribing GP lenses, GPLI has created a simple calculator tool to help determine fees in a logical manner. Launch the tool in a new window. Download the tool instructions (PDF).

Online Calculator – ERS-education

The ERS-education website provides centralised access to all educational material produced by the European Respiratory Society. It is the world’s largest CME collection for lung diseases and treatment offering high quality e-learning and teaching resources for respiratory specialists. This distance learning portal contains up-to-date study material for the state-of-the-art in Pulmonology.

GP Lens Institute – GPLI

Empirical fits made easy with the GPLI Toric and Spherical Lens Calculator. New for 2021: Educator of the Year Dr. Daniel Fuller of SCO is the first to be honored with this new award.

GPLI Presbyopia Fee Calculator – rededev

56 rows · To ensure accurate calculations please select only one fitting type: 1. Fitting visit: New …

Vertex and Diopters-to-Base-Curve Conversion Charts – GPLI

Diopters to Radius Conversion Chart: Vertex Conversion Chart — Spectacle Power + 34.00 34.25 34.50 34.75 35.00 35.25 35.50 35.75 36.00 36.25 36.50 36.75 37.00

Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide – GPLI

The “Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide” is a valuable tool to have readily available whenever you are fitting or evaluating a spherical GP or specialty contact lens patient. This resource consists of concise clinical pearls pertaining to spherical GP, soft toric, GP back surface and bitoric, soft and GP multifocal, orthokeratology, keratoconus, and scleral lens …

Standard Lens Design Calculator | Art Optical

Standard Lens Design Calculator. This appears to require a front-toric design. Please consult Art Optical. Single Lens Design. Base Curve: Sphere Power: Diameter: Optical Zone: Bi Toric Lens Design.

Mandell Moore Bitoric Calculator

Calculate. Back to Calculator Menu. Mandell Moore Bitoric Lens Guide. Right Ks: R Spec Rx: Left Ks: L Spec Rx: Right CL: Left CL: Calculate. Back to Calculator Menu …

GLPI ITSM is software for business powered by open source …

GLPI ITSM is a software for business powered by open source technologies. Take control over your IT infrastruction: assets inventory, tickets, MDM

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