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Where to find product key product key on infinitikloud

06/01/2021 · Search for the product and look for the product key. If the problem still persists, Click “Contact Us” Look for customer support email or number. …


included product key. USB type USB 2.0 Compatible port USB 2.0 and 3.0 InfinitiKloud User Guide To begin using the InfinitiKloud, simply plug in the provided USB. The InfinitiKloud will appear in your folders. Open your folders, (“File Explorer” for PC, and “Finder” for Mac) and click on the InfinitiKloud icon to start up the program.

IK Gen 4 User Guide 19Oct20 – InfinitiKloud

USER GUIDE FOR INFINITION KLOUD MOBILE A. Install InfinitiKloud 2 a. Mobile devices 2 b. PC and Mac device 3 B. Login – Register 3 C. Connect Devices to Your Phone 4 a. InfinitiKloud Charge 4 b. InfinitiKloud SD or Charge 4 c. InfinitiKloud Wireless 5 D. Devices management 6 a. Storage Listing 6 b. Setup Connection 6 c. Available Actions 6 d. Manage Files Functions 7

How do I use my InfinitiKloud? – InfinitiKloud

For PC & Mac Devices: Insert the MicroSD Memory Card (sold separately) on the InfinitiKloud SD. Plug InfinitiKloud SD on your laptop/desktop device. (Depending on your device, you might need to use the appropriate USB-C or MicroUSB dongle included in the purchase) On your laptop/desktop device, go to InfinitiKloud Drive and open the InfinitiKloud …

InfinitiKloud | Secure Way to Keep Your Data Safe

It was easy to back up files and pictures with InfinitiKloud. I haven’t tried uploading yet, but that seems to be just as easy, one click. It has more space than the average user will need. I have used only about 25%.


“In the US alone, 140,000 hard drives crash each and every week. About 60% of hard drive failures occur due to a mechanical failure, while the other 40% are a result of misuse.

InfinitiKloud Wireless | InfinitiKloud™

Product Specifications. Wirelessly back up all your important files! Save and secure photos, videos, music, documents and contacts from all of your devices! No limits! Launch the IK App The app will help find and save hidden files, encrypt files, back up Facebook photos and videos, and store and organize emergency documents. Just One Click!


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Very frustrating to see that the most important “first step” is entering your product key or activation code. (Please don’t tell me it’s my “order number”…because it is not). Neither were included in my order. I haven’t received a response to my emails either. Hoping someone can assist.

InfinitiKloud Review : Is Infinti Kloud USB Flash Drive …

06/01/2021 · Photo Stick Software ( don’t need activation key ) Built-in Infiniti Kloud software, needs activation with included product key. Antivirus Compatibility: Yes: Yes: Hardware Interface: USB: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB Type C: File types: Photos/images: jpeg,heic,gif,png, bmp, tiff, ico,camera raw, psd, pdd, pict file, Videos: mov, mpeg4,avi, wmv

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