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Miru 1day UpSide | Menicon Co., Ltd.


Proud to introduce Miru 1day UpSide. Proud to introduce Miru 1day UpSide, the 1st and only Silicone Hydrogel daily disposable with Smart Touch™ technology, an exciting new addition to the Miru …

Miru 1day Flat Pack | Menicon America


All-day hydration and comfort. Miru 1day lenses are made from poly (HEMA-GMA), a material that bonds readily with water and resists drying for all-day hydration and comfort. Miru 1day’s unique CENTRAFORM edge design helps reduce friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens when you blink.

Miru 1 day (30 linser) | Lentiamo – Billige kontaktlinser DK


Miru 1 day kontaktlinser giver høj væskeophobning og forebygger tørre øjne. De leveres i innovative tynde blisterpakninger, som er designet til at lette håndteringen af kontaktlinsen, Takket være den lette håndtering, er risikoen for forurening af kontaktlinsen stærkt reduceret.

Miru 1day Flat Pack | Menicon Ltd.


Over two thirds of wearers say Miru 1day Flat Pack lenses are more comfortable and less dry at the end of the day than their usual daily disposable lenses. 1. Miru 1day toric lenses help to maintain tear integrity for longer throughout the day. 1.

Miru 1 Day – ODspecs.com


click here for details Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack ; Property Value Notes Base Curves: 8.6: diameter: 14.2: powers +0.50 to +4.00, -0.50 to -10.00D: 0.50 steps over -6.00 : qty: 30, 90 pack, 6 pack trial : Mode: DW: Replacement: 1 day: Material: Hioxifilcon A: 57% H 2 O: Group: II, high water nonionic: Man. Process: spin cast : DK: 25: ct: 0.1mm @ -3.00: OZ: Tint

Miru / daily disposable contact lens /1mm packaging


Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lens. Miru takes its name from the Japanese word for “seeing,” and from the time you open your eyes each morning,until you close them again at night, it brings beauty into focus every day of the year. Miru’s 1mm flat pack isn’t just slim.

Miru 1 Day 90 Pack Contact Lenses | 1-800 CONTACTS


Description. Introducing Miru 1 Day from Menicon. Miru is made of a material that resists drying for a comfortable all-day wear. Its Centraform edge reduces friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens. The perks don’t end with the lens.

Miru 1 Day contact lenses (30 lenses) | Alensa UK


Miru 1 Day contact lenses are made from Hioxifilcon A (HEMA – GMA), a polymer with numerous free hydroxyl radicals that naturally attract and bond with water molecules. This provides enhanced moisture and comfort. CentraForm™ technology. Manufacturer Menicon produces Miru 1 Day contact lenses using the patented CentraForm™ technology. The CentraForm™ process results in a smooth edge …

Order Miru 1day Flat Pack lenses online | Sightful


The lens is made of a material that retains moisture, so you don’t have to worry about dry eyes.The packaging of the Miru 1day Flat Pack contact lenses is only one millimeter thick. It is easy to open and the lens appears directly on the surface after opening.

Miru 1day Toric – ODspecs.com


17 rows · Miru 1day Flat Pack Toric ; Property Value Notes Base Curves 8.6 : diameter 14.5 : sphere …

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