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Why Did I Receive A Letter From REM Division of Notification?

REM Division Of Notification’s Letter Is Misleading First, REM Division of Notification has nothing to do with the government or the United States Bankruptcy Court. The letter in the top left-hand corner says “Bankruptcy Notification Division” as if the letter is an official communication from the bankruptcy court.

REM Division of Notification

REM is a life saver! After my husband and I went through bankruptcy, we did not think we would be able to finance a vehicle because our credit rating was so low. To our surprise, we were able to purchase a brand new car at our local Chevrolet dealership at a very low interest rate.

REM Division of Notification

About REM Division of Notification. This site will link you with one of the available automotive lending sources that specialize in helping people that have recently filed or have been discharged from bankruptcy. We only use A and B rated Better Business Bureau Dealers in this program.

REM Division of Notification Portal

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The Rem division of discharge notification Scam or Legit …

Received a letter from the “rem division of discharge notification” offering me up to $29,000. I had just come out of bankrupt and they said this money would help to build up my credit. I called number on letter & spoke to Gary & Justin who claimed they were working for a NPR Ford dealer. I …

Beware of Solicitation Letters Received in the Mail after …

21/03/2014 · REM Division of Notification. If you have filed chapter 7, another common solicitation that you may receive is from a company called REM Division of Notification. This letter looks official in that it has the name of your judge and trustee, your filing date and your bankruptcy case number.

My First Post-Discharge Loan Offer – Bankruptcy Forum …

23/06/2015 · 3 business days after discharge, I received a letter with a return address “Discharge Information, REM Division of Notifications” with “Discharge Information Enclosed. Open Immediately” in red on the outside of the envelope. The letter is titled “Discharge Notice” and lists the name of the judge, trustee and case number.

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24/04/2013 · I received a letter from REM Division of Notification also letting me know I was prequalified for up to $28.900 due to my income. I dont know whether to wait or to try and seems rates I …

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ePDbox is a product of “REM Applications” a division of “Advocatenpraktijk mr. Russel E. Martis B.V., dba “ REM Advocaten “, a law firm with also the aim to make available technology work to your advantage. The production of this app was in cooperation with “Endpoint B.V.”.

REM division becomes S3 Enterprises Inc. | Local News …

A few changes are coming to the Shenandoah REM Enterprises, Inc., plant, announced REM Enterprises owner, Bob Sonntag. Sonntag said a division of the company will become S3 Enterprises Inc., with subsidiaries of S3 Wireform, S3 Delta Harrows, S3 Blowers, and S3 Manufacturing. .

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