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Complete Exercises – Patient Portal Knowledge Base

30/03/2021 · Repeat these steps for all other exercises that you need to perform. When you have completed all relevant exercises, click Submit Routine to be rewarded points for successful completion. Exercise Routine. To easily move between exercises with little effort on your part, use this method. Ensure you are on the Exercises tab. Click Begin Routine.

Print Exercises – Patient Portal Knowledge Base

15/07/2021 · Ensure you are on the Exercises tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Print icon located in the bottom-right corner. You will be directed to a printable version of your Care Plan. There, select the Print icon again.

StriveHub on the App Store

05/09/2017 · When you’re a patient, it’s easy to misplace paper handouts from your therapist or forget how to complete your home exercises. But with StriveHub, you can ditch the paper and follow along with HD videos—whether you’re at home or on the go. You can also track your exercises and let your therapist know when you’ve completed them.

Message Your Therapist – Patient Portal Knowledge Base

30/03/2021 · If you ever have general concerns about your Care Plan or questions about moving forward in therapy, you can message your therapist directly. This is also where you can see any Exercise Feedback you provided and any associated response from your therapist. Select the envelope icon in the top-right corner to open the Messages tab.

Log Into StriveHub & Add Care Plan – StriveHub Mobile

There are two different ways to access your care plan. If you’ve had a previous exercise plan with the current clinic, another clinic, or created an account in the online portal, log in using the Existing User method. For all others, use the New User method. Note: A care plan can only be accessed from one StriveHub account at a time. Once …

How Do I Add My Own Videos/Exercises to HEP? – WebPT HEP …

31/03/2021 · Submitting the Exercise Video. All exercises must be added to the HEP Exercise Upload form (linked below). Follow these instructions: Save the recorded video and associated thumbnail picture with a filename that matches the exercise title (i.e. Seated Knee Extensions). Next, upload all videos and images to a Dropbox folder.

Your Care Plan – Patient Portal Knowledge Base

Viewing exercises, tracking progress, and setting your goals are all covered here!

Home Exercise Program | At Home Exercise Therapy Software …

Patients can access their home exercise programs on any Internet-enabled device through StriveHub—an online, mobile-friendly portal. They can download the StriveHub app—complete with your clinic’s branding—to their smartphones and tablets from the Apple App or Google Play Store. In addition to prescribed exercise plans, StriveHub features a secure patient-provider messaging platform, a …

Upload a custom video to an exercise – My PT Hub Support

18/11/2016 · From your hub, click the tab labelled ‘Workouts’ from within your navigation bar. This will take you to the workouts page, now click the ‘Custom Exercises’ tab and then this icon on the right-hand side and ‘Create Exercise’.

Setting Goals – StriveHub Mobile

From anywhere in the app, press the Menu icon in the upper left corner. Then, select My Goal . Select Create a Plan . Enter your desired goal and press Set My Goal . Next, select the number of days per week you will commit to completing your exercises. Then press Set Workout Frequency . Next, select the number of weeks you are committed to …

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